Dancers are vulnerable:
their bodies mean masterpieces to them,
which do not allow any weakness.

following Jiri Kylián 









The combination of aesthetic and acting expression, endurance, power as well as proprioception means a high goal for dancers - physically as well as mentally. The locomotor system and its regulatives often suffer from tormenting pain and complex disturbances. dance medicine & performing arts medicine offers dance-specific orthopaedic and functional medical treatment and coaching.

Based on my specialization to orthopaedics/traumatology, I set my focus on structural as well as - especially - functional disturbances of the locomotor system and their therapies. For dancers and musicians, I provide information, treatment and training/coaching including GYROTONIC® regarding questions of orthopaedics, preventive and rehabilitative medicine as well as chirotherapy with fascial and osteopathic techniques.


It is my aim to serve the dancer regarding his/her individual personality and somatopsychic context - working as a part of an interdisciplinary and international network.


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